Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More of New York

This was the view out the window of my hotel room. It took forever to get a good pic since the window only opened a crack otherwise it was me in the glare of the glass. Not such a good pic. I took it after having walked the neighborhood early in the morning. We stayed at the Soho Grand on W Broadway which was fabulous! My only complaint was that the windows didn't open enough and the air didn't work so it was incredibly stuffy for someone like me who likes it cold enough to hang meat in the house at night. Seriously though, this room was gorgeous and super comfy.

Lovely sign on the wall I saw when out for my walk. The color was amazing.

Couldn't resist!

Little piece of home in neon. I didn't try it since I had eaten nor did I want to be incredibly let down. I was still stuffed on gnocco, pizza and pasta from Gnocco. Truly out of this world. If you go just for the gnocco appetizer it's completely worth the airfare.

At the giant Toys 'R' Us in Times Square. Pretty cool.

Finally, if you ever wondered what I thought heaven would be like it's this. French bistro with super close seating and shared favorites with nearby diners. Fantastic hard cider (yep, check me out with the hard stuff), organic salmon, frittes, cheesy polenta and profiteroles... seriously, heaven. I actually had visiting here on the list of things to do before checking out the pearly gates so checked it of the list and plan to visit next week for girls weekend.

Tonight I'm working on finishing up a necklace I started this weekend. Tomorrow, packing for mini-road trip to Santa Fe for long weekend. It's cold with chance of snow! Woo hoo.

For those folks related to us quick Maya update. She's doing much better with the shots and starting to be up running around like her old puppy self. She's back up to giving regular kisses and demanding pets.

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