Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last Weekend

We went to Santa Fe but cut the trip short to get home in front of this storm front. We made it just in time. Came home late Friday hit the grocery store and errands Saturday then that night the snow moved in. It was beautiful. I loved it! Didn't even hurt the jonquils in the front flower bed. The snow on the blooming bradford pear is gorgeous.

Not in her natural element.

Super cute sculpture in Santa Fe

Even cuter up close

Even the mailboxes are artistic and awesome

Reward for driving me all the way to Santa Fe and back. In addition to visiting multiple bead stores, art stores, Trader Joe's (which I love beyond reason and am still flummoxed as to why we don't have one) and Whole Foods. Coconut pudding.

Kitchen helper in her natural element

Maya is back to her awesome puppy self. She's running around the house with a full tail wag and giving lots of kisses if she stops moving long enough!

This week I'm trying to get caught up at work while also packing up to hit the Big Apple for a girls weekend. Lots of fun and more pics to be had. I'm gonna have a lot of photo cropping and studio time when I get back.


Brandy Hutchison said...

love your blog Amy! and love Trader Joe's! I miss that store, they have the best food there and yeah I don't know why D doesn't have one

Cashon&Co said...

two things: is that really an R2D2 mailbox I am seeing? oh I've got to show my son. he will freak out!!! how fun!
also, is your sweet dog an Akita? I used to have an Akita (Bella, she's w/ me on my profile pic) and yours looks like her in the face. off to go read more of your blog, neighbor! it's fun seeing all your travels!

abbymaya said...

Yep, it's really an R2D2 mailbox. It was pretty awesome. I think we should start a campaign for more whimsical mailboxes around Dallas!

Maya is an akita and just as sweet as she appears. Bella is lovely as well. They're the best snugglers.