Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday Greatness

Today was a great Sunday. I woke up super early and got in a few housekeeping duties but then spent lots of time in the studio while Rolland slept. He woke up early, I have no idea why, and then we got our front garden cleaned up. I think spring has hit and we're completely rejuvenated and inspired to make things like this:

It also helped that I'm now able to listen to Sirius radio on these.

Tomorrow I'm heading to New York to meet up with our team of folks that work in, well, New York. It's my first time to visit and I'm super excited. Hopefully I'll get a lot accomplished on the work front but also want to hit the streets after work and get lots of pics. Now, it's time to finish packing and hit the hay. Our flight is at 7:00am which is a typical day but with the airport we're heading out about 5am which is when I usually get up. Ick.

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Molly Quigley Hughes said...

Love the necklace. But I think the speakers may be cuter!