Saturday, December 12, 2009


So far, this weekend has been awesome. Tiring, but awesome. Last night was a girls night and we had dinner at The Porch then saw the Santaland Diaries which totally rocked. I love David Sedaris and the show at The Contemporary rocked it.
Today has been a lot of shopping, wrapping, repeat. Tomorrow I need to start stock piling the cookies for delivery on Friday. I'm taking the week of Christmas off so all office goodies need to be done by the 18th so I've got butter thawing as we speak. Pics of cookie goodness should be forthcoming.

Speaking of pics, this one is the tree at the Galleria and was taken with my iPhone using the Toy Camera application. Now, my new favorite thing about my iPhone since I took it with my phone, uploaded it to twitpic, saved it from there and posted it here... no finding the camera, downloading pic, photoshop, save, upload, etc. Although I apologize for twitter followers and blog readers on the shared photos but it's festive!

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