Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vacation is starting off right

I'm playing catch up now that I've had some time in the studio. This is a necklace that I made for my friend Molly and I'm thrilled that she liked it. Hubby and I collaborated on making the bezel based on somethings I learned in Terri Brush's clash but I took a shortcut with copper tubing to make the perfect circle. I'm hoping to get a lot of these made next week. We bought the big torch and everything... mostly because hubby does the torching. :)

This is the packing and ornament I made for my 12 Days exchange with the Charmsters group. I love how untraditionally Christmas my lady dancing is and hope everyone else did too. I think these colors are just yummy and would use them more in the house if the boy didn't protest so much. I suppose that is a lot to ask.

I've had a great day in the studio and been super productive. I will have lots more photos over the next few days.

Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend.


Suzanne R. said...

Molly's necklace is AWESOME! She would have to be blind not to love it (or have extremely bad taste).

abbymaya said...