Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marie Pages

This the Marie page I mailed last week and several bits and bobs are drying on the new one I'm hoping to mail out tomorrow. Of course, there had to be a "Let Them Eat Cake" pic and I was obsessed with the idea of a Marie cake so this seemed like the perfect fit. It also cemented my love of Copic markers and want to use them on absolutely everything. I also have bathroom pics to update but that will have to wait until the morning. Strangely, there's not that much progress to share. Go figure.

Watched the 2nd Harry Potter with my friend Suzanne since we're on a marathon to be caught up for the premier of the latest on the 15th. I think we'll make it since we're getting in two this week! Even the hubby has enjoyed re-watching. Tomorrow we'll need to play some catch up on the tivo, which is taping the latest Doctor Who as I type (YAY!), or next week won't be pretty.

p.s. Maya is back home and seems to be doing fine. The neurologist couldn't find anything so she's guessing she's one of the rare puppies that decides to start having seizures at 9. Should've known. But she's adorable and sweet so all's forgiven.

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