Monday, June 15, 2009

Latest fun

I have been obsessed with Lisa Kaus's Dollies and wanted to take one of her workshops but so far it hasn't been doable with the schedule or the budget. I decided to tackle one on my own and it's been in pieces on my desk for a couple of months but she finally came together. I decided to layer her necklaces just like I would mine and added a little sparkle. I definitely have not mastered Lisa's beautiful glazing and layering, or the limb attachment trickery, but as a studio muse I think she's pretty good.

Now, for my other obsession, charm bracelets. My husband started one for me forever ago which is gold, not the most budget friendly, so I decided to start one in silver for places we've visited (pictured). I'm not sure the chain is going to work since it tends to get tangled but I love all the little collected charms. One of my favorites has to be the carriage from New Orleans and the Sherlock Holmes collection from London. This is giving me the perfect reason to scope out more trips!

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