Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pre-holiday blahs

Today has been a little off all day. I woke up with such high hopes of fun shopping, art in the afternoon and maybe a little time in the kitchen. After a few necessary weekend errands that seemed to take up most of the day we ended up getting almost nothing accomplished. I've also been checking work email - just to drive myself crazy with all that needs to get done that I'm not doing - now I find that it's almost bed time and a perfectly good Saturday is down the drain.

I try to normally be fairly cheerful and perky (a state my husband would fail to recognize) when I post since I feel like the inter-webs provide plenty of non-positive thought and general cynicism that I want to avoid spreading into the world but tonight I'm pretty cranky and just not up to spreading good cheer. I'm hoping this long rambling purge of discontent will help me wake up on the right side of the bed with a much better attitude.

If not, I was successful in finding tasty smoked gouda and an aged cheddar with herbs and onion. If I have to, I'll drown myself in dairy.

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