Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Angel Necklace

I've been working on this piece for a while now. It started out as an experiment with patina-ing solder and then it was a hunt for the right chain and beads. I worked on stringing the beads in Omaha but felt like it needed more umph so I found some gorgeous sterling chain in a bead store, also in Omaha, (paid way more than I should've but I love it) and finally put all the pieces together. It's really simple construction but when I wear the necklace it's got the perfect amount of heft.

It's been a while since I pimped out a book here but I just started The Time Traveler's Wife
and I think everyone on the planet has known about it but me. I found it on the Doctor Who boards... yes I know, giant nerd, but it sounded good so I picked it up a while ago but just started. So far I'm incredibly hooked and have been loving it. In case you were looking for a traveling novel or a gift for a reader this one is my latest pic.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving-eve!


Pam said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I loved The Time Travelers Wife.

Maija said...

It was a very good book, but hard for me to fathom at times!

arlene said...

Oh, I LOVE The Time Travellers Wife! I've read it far. One of my favorites.

BEaUTifUl necklace! Wow! You did a fantastic job.

xo arlene