Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wow, it's Tuesday already!

I'm finally up from my nap, yes, my nap. I've been home all day since I've been diagnosed with Strep throat and I'm seriously unhappy about it. My Dad and Sister have been plagued by it for years but I've always been very smug about my never having had it. The universe is seriously pissed about said smugness and struck me down. My throat has only been sore for a few days but I told my husband (the former ER nurse) that it's never hurt like this before and apparently the words "not like this before" are key to a diagnosis and he had me hustle it to the doctor today where they did the test. That was uhm, unpleasant. So, in order to get the universe off my ass I'm officially and publicly announcing my illness and telling my family that I'm really really sorry that I was ever taunting you with my clean bill of strep throat health.

My illness did not strike me down enough to not have seen the Indiana Jones movie this weekend. It was pretty ok. I was disappointed but there were some classic moments and then not some classic moments. I'm sorry to say that I enjoyed our second viewing of Iron Man more. Go see Iron Man anytime but only see Indiana Jones during the afternoon or first show for the cheaper ticket. :)

Oh yeah, we also bought a different new house than previously reported and my studio will now be the game room. It's worth a smaller closet for that space! Pictures are forthcoming.

Now I've apparently stretched the limits of how much time I can spend up right and I'm heading back to bed for another nap. I promise a fun non-medical post soon!

p.s. No one I know has strep throat except for my fam 500 miles away so take appropriate precautions when talking on the phone people!


Maija said...

Icky strep throat!
I loved Iron Man- it was so entertaining!! Indiana Jones I will wait for the DVD to come out!

mushroommeadows said...

i hope you feel better!!!

I totally want to watch IRON MAN! :)