Friday, May 02, 2008

Iron Man rocks... also, here's some jewelry!

We went to see Iron Man tonight after work and it was just as good as the husband had hoped. I have to admit I was slightly skeptical, but it was awesome! Loved it! We also got a nice treat after the movie when we went and checked out the new house and discovered we have a foundation. That also rocks (concrete pun intended!).

The pic is of a few pieces I've finished for the show next week (seriously, art crisis with the amount of work still to be done) but I'm going booth decoration shopping tomorrow and then plan to buckle down and become one with my soldering iron!

Happy Friday!


Tina said...

YOur necklaces rock!! good luck with your sale!!

Maija said...

Your new pieces are fabulous! Good luck with your booth. I'm going to see Iron Man on Mother's DAy with my hubby and kids.

purplepaint said...

Amy - love your soldered pieces! I've been waiting for warm weather so I can get out to the garage and do some, I need to get busy! Marva

Sue Simpson said...

HI Amy...I really, really and really like your necklaces!! Very cool.