Sunday, May 11, 2008

Urban Bazaar

This was a great show for getting experience and an awesome sunburn (only on the right arm)! I think I made enough to break even but gained a lot insights into what to do and what not to do. My booth mates, Suzanne and Elizabeth were awesome! We had a terrific time. My friend Bo took a wonderful of one of the doll heads on my table. It was a really long day, made even longer by the 3 hours sleep I had gotten the night before. I've already taken one nap today and am thinking about a bath and heading to bed early.

Here's a pick of a necklace I was sure I needed prior to being able to displaying anything!

p.s. More pics tomorrow and check out the new side bar - ETSY store update! Woo hoo!

p.s.s. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I'm glad you liked your flowers. ;)

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