Friday, November 30, 2007

Sick, tired and holiday decorations are all over the house!

We did finally get the London pics on the shared drive so I can easily access them for blogging and such but I haven't had time, or energy, to get a flickr account set up to make it nice and tidy. It's on the list but I've been sick for the last few days with the illness the hubby dragged over with him from across the pond. He was sick all of last weekend and half of this week. It hit Weds afternoon and I've just felt awful. I've stayed home hoping to rest up and maybe recuperate faster but so far, the sickness hasn't fallen for it.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics until I can do a full London post. These are of Spitalfields Market. Specifically the sign and one of the most awesome shops I saw while there. It's called "Fairy Gothmother" and they have some of the most gorgeous lingerie I've ever seen. This market rocked with some fabulous sellers. My husband picked up a fun and funky silk screened robot t-shirt and a matching leather change wallet for his truck (his last one was stolen from the truck while it was sitting in the driveway!) and I got some amazing woodblock mounted brass stamps. Crowns of course! Plus a RAF stamp with another crown! The gentleman at the booth rocked and he talked me through how you know it's a good one, showing me how all of them came out when stamping plus, a tip for embossing via halogen lights (must be at least 200 watts) that I'll have to try out as soon as I know whether I can get the bulb and a lamp at IKEA.

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