Wednesday, November 28, 2007

12 Days of Xmas Goodies!

Now that I've been home from our trip for a few days, I've just gotten stuff sorted out but now I'm coming down with something. Ugh! Husband has been sick since last Friday and I thought I dodged the bullet, but nope, it's my turn now! I have managed to get the new studio tree (love Target) up and decorated with the goodies from our 12 Days of Xmas exchange so maybe I can do a little each day until we're fully decked out. Also, I can't wait to start counting down! :)

Tomorrow I'll bug the husband to get all our picks on the shared drive so I can start boring everyone with the London goodies. The trip was awesome and even with the rain, I loved every second (except for the part where I hurt my knee and had to go up the tube steps) and can't wait to start planning our next vacation... where to go???

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MarysMadness said...

Love your pink tree!