Saturday, September 07, 2013

Canvas Pop

This might be my new favorite item in the house. I took the pic as her regular pre-school pic. That night I was playing around doing some afterlighting on it then posted it on Instagram. I kind of loved it immediately. Shortly after I got an email that Canvas Pop had reclaimed wood frames. It was meant to be.

For a pretty hefty price (~$100), I ordered it. Hoping it would look good. I love, love, love it. This pic is just so perfect for her and a great color. The wood frame is fantastic. They've got a 30% sale right now and I may have done some Christmas purchasing. I'm not sure how I occupied my time pre-baby, iPhone/iPad mini and apps.

Anyway, I was not in any way paid or coerced to pimp out Canvas Pop, Instagram, Afterlight. Not that I wouldn't be willing, just no offers forthcoming. It's early in the picture season and I really am going to need to pace myself. That toddler is just too cute!

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