Saturday, December 01, 2012

Target Love

I'm pretty sure that if you've ever spent 5 minutes with me I would wax poetic about my love of Target. It would come up, somehow, in nearly any conversation that I'm fairly certain I can find anything at Target (and Costco) (and Trader Joe's) but all things pretty and good live at Target. My husband does not agree but humors me. 

I was up early, even earlier than reasonable for the mama of a 9 month old, showered dressed and a few items perused online (with one purchase for the gold pouch seen below) all by 6 am. Yep, I AM CRAZY! I couldn't wait to check out the Neiman Marcus/Target collaboration. After all the build up and hype I was there at 8:01 while Rolland and baby picked up breakfast tacos. Helpful store employees pointed the way (nothing like the Missoni nightmare of 2011) and there were only a few of us there getting first pick.  I ended up sticking with my favorite Marc Jacobs and getting another pouch (rosegold and super pretty) and a scarf. All of which was still pretty pricey.

They had a couple more interesting items and I was all set to pick up a Jason Yu Christmas dress for Sophy and decided it was just too frivolous even for me! The bar sets were also interesting but a $50 and up price point was a non-starter. See, I'm being fiscally responsible right there.

Now I'm obsessing with the online furniture portion of the store and the Blu Dot collaboration. Loving some of those modern pieces and in turquoise. My poor husband. OY.

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