Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Little of this little of that

It's been crazy at our house. Everyone's been sick off and on with Sophy's ear infections finally reaching the breaking point. We had tubes put in last Thurs and it seems to have helped. She's also officially teething with two tiny little teeth on the bottom row. It's pretty adorable except for the crying because it hurts part but baby Tylenol works wonders. I've also been sick with some weird flu/bronchitis combo that finally seems to be letting up slightly. Thankfully in time for Christmas or I was going to lose my mind. We're almost completely done shopping in our house with only a couple of straggler gifts coming in the mail. There was time to squeeze in some officially family photos and I'm loving them. I think I've filled every frame I've collected in the house and looking at adding some more to the collection. It's a pyramid scheme this cute baby. First the super cute clothes, then the toys and accessories then the photos for documenting cute outfits next photo display options, never ending! In case you don't believe me. Here's proof of the cuteness of said baby.

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