Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Day of School

It's been fairly busy as we get back into the work routine. I'm three weeks into work and it's crazy there right now. It was also hard to send the baby to baby school (I hate the term daycare)but her school is great and she seems to like it. We get notes everyday with her schedule and activities. Today was reading about space, Spanish and personal growth (tummy time and such).

Sophy and Daddy - First Day of School
Sophy and Mommy - First Day of School

I'm also hoping this means I'll get back to regular blogging but honestly if it means I do a post or I play with the baby, the baby's always winning. Our new routine is to play on the bed at night before bed and she seems to not even mind tummy time for a short period of time on the bed. She really is very advanced - the school said so. :)

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