Thursday, December 22, 2011

I blame Rachel Zoe

I've been watching lots of reruns of The Rachel Zoe Project since the clothes are really pretty, I like the trips to fashion week and the rest is beyond mindless. I've also been adding in a few new items to my wardrobe that are a little more daring than my usual style especially since there's no hiding an almost 8 month baby belly. A few of these new pieces have included sequins (shown here), more statement pieces of jewelry and a couple of leopard sweaters that I've loved and will definitely keep in rotation post-baby.

And now I'm mixing in this jacket. I've had my eye on a couple I've seen out in the intranets but I didn't want to pay $100 bucks or more for one. I went to Macy's yesterday checking out the sales and saw the jacket was 50% off and covered the belly (mostly). After all was said and done I only spent $45 (Macy's in store math is confusing but always comes out to much less than I expect to pay) and it's actually pretty toasty. They have it online but it's higher than I paid in the store and limited sizes so definitely check out the store if possible. I've got big plans for it with a shopping trip with a friend tomorrow and a fancy brunch on Sunday with a new dress I picked up at Ross (thanks to my friend Mark for pointing out the thriftiness available) for $10 bucks. I'm trying to seriously limit my spending on clothes I may not wear post baby.

It's been a fabulous vacation week and the weekend should be even better.

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