Monday, December 19, 2011

Date Night Outfit

I went with a version of glam rock a la Rachel Zoe for our big night out which was fantastic and tasty. All women 1/2 way through their 7th month should wear a sequined dress (leggings were a must since this dress is more of a tunic) and with my sparkly Toms I was ready to go. Also, this pic illustrates why I made a hair appt for Weds, seriously in need of a cut and color (checked 3 times with the doctor and it's still ok so I'm just going to break down and do it. It's been almost 10 months since my last color).

This week I'm off from work and have big plans but if I even get through half my list it will be a major accomplishment. I did get a few things done today: getting our small tree up and decorated, it's pretty festive for this year and I'm bracing myself since next year will be all out with the new baby, grocery shopping and some errands. Big things for tomorrow include cleaning the kitchen, getting a massage and maybe working in the studio.

Hope you guys are planning for an awesome countdown week to Christmas!

- Also, I really need to get new blinds for the window by our front door since Maya went nuts when she was younger and left at home while Abby went to the vet. Oy.

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