Saturday, December 04, 2010

Unintentional Hiatus

So I definitely didn't meant to take such a long blogging break but sometimes life gets a away from us. November flew by and I can't believe it's already Christmas time! Luckily, we're on top of it with the trees and outside lights. Most of the shopping is done and I've got two cookie doughs in the freezer with butter thawing. This holiday will be wrangled whether it wants to or not!

Here's a quick update on some of what's been going on. We went back home to Missouri which looks like this in the fall.

I love this picture looking down into the valley. I always forget how beautiful it is back home and then when I visit I want to stay!

We also saw Rolland's family, and Anita makes friends wherever she goes!

The main reason for our visit was my nephew, Hudson's first birthday, here are us kids with my Mom at his party. He was super cute and seemed to have a blast. He is adorable and just such a happy kid. It's awesome, my brother and sis-in-law are definitely aces in the parenting.

Next post, pics of the trees and holiday decorations! Now, I'm off to shower post gym and head into Big D to hang out with my friend Bo (the girl). I haven't seen her for a few weeks and can't wait to catch up! Also, I see a cheeseburger in the near future. :)

I hope you guys are having a fun filled Saturday!

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