Saturday, August 07, 2010


So far it's not super exciting at our house as it's all about the errands. I'm including the new gym regime as an errand. I'm not particularly happy with my trainer who I find it hard to believe has chest and shoulders like that without some kind of unnatural help. He also pushes his "supplement" that he sells at his 2nd gig which I'm finding fairly unprofessional seeing as how I'm paying for his time and all. I guess it's a little like cable in that I pay and still have to watch the commercials. Ugh. At the end of this month, definitely requesting someone else.

I did have good Target fortune although I'm not without Target shopping guilt and found this bag that may be used as it's name suggests "flight bag" for the upcoming NYC trip.

I've already started laying out the outfits and thanks to my friend Yuri, I found this dress I plan to wear for dinner then to Wicked on Friday. And it was over 1/2 off which is mostly why it was such an easy impulse purchase.

I have made a couple of pieces of jewelry for gifts that I'll post tomorrow in case you in no way care about a) my trainer from hell or b) what I wear.

Hope you guys are having a terrific weekend.

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