Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gift Jewelry

My friend Colleen recently had a baby girl and lately we've talked about all things pink & girly so for her birthday I made this rosary. The pink stone beads have a great mix of color and the quartz crystal adds just a hint of glamour. :) The connector is of St. Patrick (she has a brother named Patrick) with a traditional crucifix at the end. I really hope she likes it.

This one was a going away present for my friend Pamela. She's taking a hiatus to work on her own business (yay!) so I wanted to give her something pretty. The rose stones are a strand I got in Santa Fe and seeing as how she's from New Mexico they fit perfectly. I wire wrapped in between with rough tourmaline stones.

This one I know she loved but I mismeasured and will need to add another couple of stones. Turns out I'm not the only one who dislikes chokers. Ooops.

I'm working on a couple of fun pieces with pics to come later. I think these may stay in my increasingly full jewelry box. Hint: one my hubby described as a Betty Rubble necklace. I'm not sure he meant it as a compliment!

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