Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday in NYC

I was back in New York last week. I landed Sunday afternoon and came home on Weds. Since it was mostly work I didn't get a lot in but on Sunday I did walk down broadway to the end of the island at Battery Park which was a lovely. The walk was fantastic although slightly nervous since it was late afternoon/early evening walking through a fairly empty financial district. It was perfectly safe but it was odd to see so few people.

Along the way I saw Trinity church which was amazing and I'm completely in love with the graveyard and the folk stone etchings on the tombstones. I need to go back and visit when during open hours.

The street ended at the park and I walked to the end to check out the Statue of Liberty. It was gorgeous with the sun beaming through the clouds.

It was still cool but everything was blooming and lush. Perfect Sunday evening outing.

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Maija said...

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon!!