Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Saturday in Salado

Last weekend we hit the road for Round Top to check out the twice yearly antique paradise but once we hit Austin the skies opened up and there was a major downpour. I didn't have it in my to tromp through the rain and muddy fields in my new pink converse. Plus, I have just gotten over being sick for a month and am not about to ruin the fall for antique heaven. Well, it would also have just been gross.

Hubby saved the day by turning the car around pointing us to Salado which is an awesome little town filled with great shops, galleries and quirky fences. It was awesome and saved the Saturday. I got started on some Christmas shopping and we picked up a couple of art pieces for the house before calling it quits when the rain found us. After a re-fuel at Cracker Barrel, a road trip must have, we made it home before dinner. That is a perfect Saturday road trip and I have the pictures to prove it!

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