Wednesday, May 06, 2009

New Orleans

I have some pics I need to post but I would have to walk the gauntlet of fur babies to get it so you'll just have to wait for another entry. :) I'm not without updates however, I am headed to New Orleans Friday evening for a girls weekend and I can't wait. This should also give me a couple of full cards of pics to post! I love NOLA and have been there twice before. Each time I find more things I love from the architecture to the constant motion of the city. This time I won't have the husband, who hated it, walking around with me begrudgingly taking in the sites. He does like the food but as for the rest, not so much.

One reason I'm anxious to wing away for a while is that it's been a difficult period at work. Also, I have been a little blue lately so my friend Suzanne and Rolland - who truly is the best husband ever - urged me to stay an extra day (I was coming back Sunday am) so now I've updated the flight and will be staying until Monday afternoon. That one day can make a huge difference in how many visits to Cafe du Monde I can work in! We've also scoped out a new district I haven't checked out before that has lots of art galleries and studios. Super excited to see this one.

Suzanne also talked me into staying out for a drink last Friday (post the Wolverine viewing we did for our team building - movie was not bad but not as great as I wanted) and I was out until 9:30. I know this sounds incredibly early but if I'm out after dark it's a monumentous occassion! We had an awesome time and Suzanne truly is one of my favorite people. I also got to meet her friend Chris who was super nice.

Since it's now 9:50, it's time to head for bed as we've previously established I'm an incredibly boring person and have a bed time. Although, I did break the bed time rule this week when we saw a Star Trek screening on Monday. Also... it totally rocked! This movie is greatness and I'm encouraging anyone who loves a good action flick to check it out. It's not overly trekkie at all. It's got some good stuff for fans but newbies won't feel left out. I'm encouraging this one for a good date night possiblity since it buys lots of hubby good will (although I'm the big geek in my house).

Happy Wednesday!

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