Friday, May 22, 2009

First Time Ever!

For the first time since I purchased my camera the memory card is empty! I've gone through and finally gotten the photos in the right folders and processed some of the images into usable sizes. I still need to go through all the New Orleans photos and share those with the ladies from the trip. In the mean time, I'm planning to fill the card back up starting in a few hours since I'll be in Chicago!

The trip was questionable yesterday after I came home more tired than I have ever been in my life. The husband was skeptical about our weekend plans. But today, I feel refreshed and ready to hit the windy city. I do have some puppy guilt about taking them to be boarded since we can't pick them up until Tuesday am. Holiday on Monday and all. We found a place that looks awesome so they can have their own puppy door in and out so that helps a little. Still would rather be able to have them home on Monday.

Anyway, I've added some random photos from the card to share until I can get back to the art pics and new Chicago additions.

These are pics of a commissioned piece from my friend Suzanne. It was a birthday gift to her friend Elizabeth who is a fellow graphic designer. They have an awesome business together where they screen print on organic onesies, tees, etc. Seriously, if you need an incredible shower gift check out Sutecchi

This was a birdbath that was in my Mom's yard for years and I topped it with a St. Francis statue I got in Mexico on a family trip. I love them together and it feels very relic like. I love the faded blue on the pots. This photo is also old enough that you can see the old fence we replaced in November!

One of my latest etsy finds from a bead seller in Austin, I'd provide the link if I could find the store - I'll update if I find it. I can't wait to do something fabulous with them but in the meantime I open the bead drawer just get the imagination going.

Enough for now. I've got to get the last minute packing done and then we're off! Deep dish pizza, Field Museum and shopping (they have an actual Dick Blick store!!!) are all on the to do list!

Have a great weekend.

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