Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wow, Christmas is almost here!

This year has really gotten away from me. I mean, I am totally wheels off in my shopping, wrapping, decorating, etc. We didn't even put up the big tree! I do have baby trees scattered throughout the house and two in the studio but the big tree just seemed like a lot to bother with when it's just us. I finished up shopping for gifts I had to give today... uhm, this morning! Seriously, I don't know what it is with this year but it definitely got the best of me. I  have big plans for next year though!

In the meantime, I've had some gorgeous girlies enter my life and just had to share. The lovely bottle beauty was made by the fabulous and lovely Maija and she is going to be the queen of the doll head collection I've got going on the shelf by my work desk. The other lovely little girl was made for me by Kecia in an exchange we did a while back. I just love this piece! Kecia creates pieces with these dolls like no one else!


Maija said...

I'm sure you will make a very happy home for her!

kecia said...

just dropping by to say Merry Christmas, Amy! sorry the holidays got the best of you this year. this year we did our decorating right before Thanksgiving and i swear it set the tone for the rest of the season. since we had gotten it done so early, we really got to enjoy it and appreciate it all instead of hurrying to get it up in time just to take it down 2 weeks later!

Melissa M said...

Oh, these are such lovely pieces. You are so lucky. I hear you about this year and the whole decorating for the holidays. I didn't get much up this year either. Here's to a new year and a fresh start.