Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year ... almost

We've made it back from our Missouri road trip in time to head north once again. This time to visit my fam in Kansas and ring in the New Year with them. Luckily, I've taken the week off to get packed and then rest up but Rolland has to work Monday and Tuesday so we're not heading out until the crack of dawn on Weds. so not much change from our typical routine. :)

I've got my to do list already for tomorrow and have slotted in lots of art time to get some fun things started. I've also started working on a goals sheet for next year (it's in excel and everything! Not sure when I became that girl but nonetheless I'm risking total nerdom & keeping it). So far it seems doable and not overly ambitious but we'll see how it goes come Jan. 15th!

I hope Santa was good to you and everyone's ready for the New Year whether it's a book, bath and early bedtime (my idea of heaven any day of the week) or a huge blowout bash be sure to make the most of those last minutes of 2008!

P.S. for all the other sci-fi/fantasy readers out there I've been devouring the Nightside series by Simon Green and can't get enough! I'm seriously ticked that I've been blowing off the Amazon recommendation for years on this one! After this I do feel like I need to do some "spinach reading". Any recommendations on books I should checkout that are good for me? :)

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Maija said...

Have a safe trip and a Happy New Year!