Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mid-year check in

In an effort to get back on track from my not-resolutions resolutions, I'm doing a little check in here for June.

1. Sophy was a complete success in the delivery dept and so far has been a super sweet baby. We're starting a new routine on Monday since Mommy starts a new job (more to come on that one) so that will be a little ify for a couple of weeks.

2. So far I've done pretty good with the friend connections. I think we can always do better but I've tried to reach out even if it's just a quick card in the mail. I try to refrain from including pictures of Sophy, except with family, but we'll see how I do as she gets cuter and cuter.

3. So on the housecleaning front we do pretty well. Again, I'd like to maintain a routine and schedule so it's just not an issue. Reminder to change sheets. :o  Also, I'm stealing the Menu Sunday idea from over here. It helps keep me accountable for more eating at home. The last few weeks have been a total fail and my tighter pants are proof.

4.I've done ok on the non-fiction but the reading has slowed down in general. I've got Wild and Too Big To Fail next up to bat.

5. We've done serious de-cluttering and donated about 10 bags of clothes, shoes, bags, bedding, etc and it's fantastic to have some room to breathe in the closet again.

6. Yeah, being healthier in eating and exercise has been a total fail and I'm getting back on the bandwagon ASAP.

7. Pretty good in being more optimistic but with serious cynical relapse.

8. Still working on the happiness gig which is tied to #10 and making more art. Gotta get more of both in.

9. Finances - uhm, yeah we've got to get on that one ASAP as well. I'm hoping the new job and new routine will help with a little bit of the target stress shopping.

11. Travel - the new job makes it a little tough but we've got plans for Vegas in July. Cabana rented and Love tickets purchased... woo hoo! We also want to get a weekend trip in to Austin, trip to Missouri in Oct~ish, and I'd like to do a couple more weekend trips. Maybe Marfa and Roswell. I think next Thanksgiving will be an international trip with a 1 3/4 baby. Christmas markets in Germany?

12. Gratitude I've actually been fairly fantastic. I know I have an amazing family and am thankful for Rolland, Sophy and the rest of my family every day. I have awesome friends and feel incredibly fortune to be starting a new job so quickly when so many people have struggled. I'm incredibly lucky and I know it.

Pretty good so far but the reminder was much needed for areas of improvement. Now off for menu planning and some cleaning!

Happy Saturday.

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