Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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This has been the kind of week I've had, also, I love to work in the Greek myths when I can just to make sure all the schooling hasn't gone to waste. Seriously, I can not wait for the weekend and some random fun. Also, I'm beating myself up for not going running tonight even if I have made it to the gym 3 days in a row and want nothing more than to snuggle into bed and sleep for a day but instead came home and worked for a few hours.

The good parts of the week are that I've got 3 pieces almost ready for additions to the etsy shop and all the Christmas stuff should be cleared out of the garage so I can get back to my soldering and torch area. Jewelry fun goodness will ensue! I'm also thinking about redoing some of the garage/workshop space so it's more inspirational and studio like. I think it can take my mind of the 110 heat while holding a soldering iron in July. Well, it will be inspiring at least.

I am showing restraint and not adding whining as a tag and appreciate you guys letting me just wallow for an entire post. Now, I'm definitely heading to bed. The puppies have the right idea.

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