Sunday, August 23, 2009

Round Robin Charm

This is my latest round robin charm and it was for Sharon's necklace. I hope she loves it when it finally makes it back to her, it's gorgeous and I loved working on it! This is a soldered and patina-ed charm with a few little dangles added. There's a moonstone, a vintage religious charm and a skull bead. I love that they feel like they tell a story about an incredible adventure in an exotic land... or, that I need to get out more!

The one place I have tried to make a point of getting to this summer is our local Farmer's Market right off the McKinney square. We've had some tasty goodness including an incredible olive oil and some super tasty grass fed beef. If you find yourself looking for an outing between 8-1 in McKinney on Saturday, check it out! This is Anita and Rolland after I dragged them out pre-shopping.

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Hope Ellington said...

Hi Amy~I can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella. I too spend as much time in my studio & the BATHTUB as possible. I found that funny you mentioned that in your bio. I menttioned it in my last post. Wish I could have attended my farmers market more this summer...but we are doing a major kitchen remodel!